War Operation: Full Contact – Rescue mode is now out!

War Operation: Full Contact – Rescue mode is now out!

The new multiplayer mode « Rescue » is now online with the latest content update:

In this original new multiplayer mode, you’ll have to rescue and escort a multitude of important agents out of the combat zone with your team. But be careful! Your enemies have the same intention for different purposes, so protect them at all costs and avoid ambushes.

The team that reaches the objective or achieves the most exfiltration will be victorious.

Be sure to relaunch the game and Steam to launch the update.

What’s new? – Fixes and changelogs :

  • New multiplayer mode: Rescue.
  • Map expansion to Ishtar Hotel now encompassing both hotels: « Hotels ».
  • Slight bots improvement in-game. Added logic for Rescue mode.
  • Additions of 6 interactive elevators, 2 large for Palestine Hotel and 4 standard for Ishtar Hotel for rooftop warfare experience.
  • Fall damage implementation (obvious with the previous point).
  • Addition of weapon drop on death, weapon swap and ammo grab possibility from drops.
  • Snipers’ max damage distance expanded.
  • Fixed kill reticle remaining on screen after killstreaking.
  • Minimap is now synced to late joining players.
  • Optimized lobby logic.
  • Additional map details added.
  • Opening of new paths in Palestine Hotel.
  • Addition of a few trees.

Stay tuned by wishlisting the game or why not diving directly into the early access experience by playing WAR OPERATION™: Full Contact.

Don’t forget to report any bug in Discussions or directly in our discord.waroperation.com

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